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Art Gallery

Our showroom in the historic center of Florence, the “Viadimezzo Art Store & Gallery”
was intended to serve as an exhibition space
for art, poetry, philosophy and music, a meeting place
and a stimulus to growth, a crossroads between the East and the West,
the South and the North of the world.
We used this space to promote,
with a necessarily contemporary and multicultural approach, the work of
poets, writers, artists and musicians of our time, especially young,
still unknown talents.

Viadimezzo was also regularly staging a program of events and shows, ranging from
the traditional Japanese tea ceremony to seminars on the voice, and from concerts
of classical, contemporary and world music to exhibitions
of photography and art.
Thus Viadimezzo aims was to build a subtle and invisible bridge
between body, voice and mind, between object,
communication and idea, in the quest for a point of balance,a "via di mezzo"
(middle way), as a step toward the creation of a more united and fairer world. The Via di Mezzo project has been active for 7 years. We will certainly propose it again in a different location and context in the near future. Check us out online.

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